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Summer Night City (4)

Carl Wilhelm Scheele (1742-1786) was a pharmaceutical chemist who discovered various substances. In this night view of Vasagatan we see a pharmacy which is open 7x24 and bears Scheele’s name.
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Det finns danska biffar i kvarteret också


inspired said...

your night shots are very very good ;o]

ICE_Molly said...

looked through ur photos and your city looks lovely!! great photo shots!

thanks a bunch for visiting Hayle photo's!! =)

Meg said...

Summer night, indeed. This weekend is our winter solstice - so it must be the longest day for you? How many hours of darkness do you get?

stromsjo said...

inspired, ice_molly: I suppose this is my kind of night life… snapping photos like these! ;)

meg in nelson: Yep, the longest day is almost upon us. There are five and half hours between sunset and sunrise but the night doesn’t ever get real dark. Some factoids here.

Thanks, all of you, for commenting!

Ming the Merciless said...

Can you take a photo of the pharmacy inside? I am always curious about how pharmacies look like in different countries.

stromsjo said...

ming(tm): I’ll see if we can dig up something for you. It might take a couple of weeks though. Thanks for asking! :)

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