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the big blue

Maybe people in Sweden will think beer when they see this photo. One of the larger breweries - Pripps - has a label called Blå (Blue) which is quite well spread. The brewery has been very successful with their blue advertising. The photo of the lonely canoeist was taken from Västerbron.


stromsjo said...

Such a desolate feeling in the inner city. A superb shot, Peter.

Deb said...

cool the Portal I thought it was a blue heron flying low across the water!

Waldo Oiseau said...

This is a great photo, esp. with the canoer just off center. hhmm. Is canoer a word? :)

Beetle said...

i like this photo alot...talking about peaceful & simplicity

Around the World said...

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stromsjo said...

Peter’s off-line at the moment so, on his behalf, thanks for your comments. I fully agree that this is a great shot and not what you’d expect to see in the inner city.

Ming the Merciless said...

I love this photo. The texture of the ripples on the water is amazing. It looks like a carpet or plastic mat on the floor. Brilliantly done.

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