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cause and effect

Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson was a rebel with a cause. He led the Engelbrekt rebellion in the 15th century against king Eric of Pomerania. His success made him a statesman and, centuries later, gave name to this magnificent church inaugurated in 1914.
I forgot to check about the artwork in the foreground but I bet
it doesn’t depict Engelbrekt. Let’s hope someone else knows.
Med inspiraton från Bergspredikan ritades och lokaliserades Engelbrektskyrkan.
Fler än vi har avbildat den, se bara här och här.


Janet said...

This post is what is so much fun about visiting Europe and other "ancient" places. I enjoy the photo-histories.

Dsole said...

oh, i love the contrast between the building and the sculpture!

Z said...

Nice composition with the da Vinci man-in-the-circle in the foreground.

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the da Vinci structure in the foreground.

stromsjo said...

Thanks for commenting.

I also like the contrast and I was rather lucky as the sun appeared just when I was about to leave the spot.

You’re probably right about the da Vinci “connection”. I still don’t have a clue about the artist behind this sculpture.

Meg said...

Well, Per, info on the sculptor or not, you must go back to the church and get the pictures of the sculpture, please!

stromsjo said...

Meg in Nelson: As a matter of fact I wasn’t alone at the spot and I was hoping someone else got a different view. Let’s see what turns up in a blog near us! ;)

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