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living library (3)

Life goes on in the rotunda of the Public Library by Sveavägen. According to the LIBRIS database, there are 367 libraries in Stockholm County. That figure includes libraries in hospitals and schools, corporate and research libraries and so on. See more?

Stadsbiblioteket, Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Cool snapshot! Great to hear you have so many libraries in and around Stockholm. I guess knowledge makes the difference.

VP said...

If I include my little private one we could barely make 10...

B SQUARED said...

Love the dreadlocks on the girl. Rarely see them any more.

Lowell said...

367 libraries! Amazing. That speaks well for Stockholm County! We have a nice library here, too, with several, I'm impressed.

Halcyon said...

I am really enjoying your library series. You get quite a variety of people! I'm not sure you would find the same here.

stromsjo said...

If anyone would like a break from all this serious stuff, do join us at the amusement park on Friday!

Buenos Aires Photoblog: This is supposed to be an age of information and knowledge and libraries certainly have an important role.

Vogon Poet: In fairness, Stockholm County has two million residents. Also, most of these are not regular public libraries.

B Squared: It's wonderful to see creative people who find their own style.

Jacob: At least 95% of these libraries are unknown to me and most of the public so don't overestimate our resources. A few examples: two libraries at our newspaper Dagens Nyheter, four libraries within Ericsson, schools, museums, hospitals... When you sum it all up in a database it does sound very impressive.

Halcyon: It's encouraging to see lots of young people in libraries. One might have guessed otherwise.

Good of you all to hang around with us among the bookshelves.

Tinsie said...

Me {guess the missing word} very much!

stromsjo said...

I have a thing for hairstyles. Those who know me might find this funny since I have neither hair nor style! ;)

Thanks, Tinsie. I rather thought you would like this one.

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