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a ship comes loaded

The ship Östanvik is anchoring by Cementa's cement depot at Liljeholmen. The ship is one of three - her sister ships are Sunnanvik and Västanvik - and is specially built for transporting cement as a part of a closed system. In the foreground is the public bath Liljeholmsbadet.

Hornstull/Liljeholmsstranden (map) 18 July 2009


VP said...

Strange to see a public bath just in front a cement depot. I guess the closed system works...

Kiwi said...

I've never thought of it that way! Good thing with the closed system then so that we don't litter the cement with swiming gear.

The Östanvik is only a small ship compared to what we usually see on your blog.

stromsjo said...

...and - to reiterate an earlier point - there's not necessarily anything bad about this "bad".

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