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blue beach building

Here, at Marinstaden just off Nacka, they are building "unique marine villas", semi-detached houses and some co-op flats. In this photo is one of the "small marine villas" of approximately 98 square metres. Yes, they are built on water or on concrete jetties. The project will also cater for a restaurant and café and of course facilities for the boating people. "Stockholm: city on water"? Yes, I think so.

Marinstaden, Nacka (map) 28 October 2009


Lena Möre said...

Underbart i blått!

VP said...

A good idea if the results are fine!

Lowell said...

These "villas" certainly are unique, but fitting for Stockholm. We're going into a villa soon, but it won't be anything as exotic as this!

Halcyon said...

That is a gorgeous reflection! Sounds like a great place to live.

svenske floyd said...

Did you go the boardwalk to Nacka Strand?

Kiwi said...

@Floyd: Actually the other way, from Nacka and was a bit disappointed that it ended here. I had set my mind to walk all the way to Stockholm along the water but was forced to walk along the motorway and in to the suburbs.
@Jacob: I'm sure your villa will be exotic in other ways.
@Lena: Eller hur! Kul att höra av dig igen!

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