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water sign

A neon sign - Tulo throat lozenge - from 1955 reflecting in the water by St. Eriksbron. The sign says "Always take Tulo" and there's the illusion of a pastille dropping down the façade.

St Eriksbron (map) 20 October 2009


VP said...

Half a century is not bad for an ad!

Lowell said...

Great night shot! Fantastic colorful reflections. I think I'll go take a tulo!

Halcyon said...

This is a beautiful reflection. I love all the colors.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

A good sign (there are a lot of amusing signs out there) and this one is in neon, too - and the size of a building! I also like your photograph, with the line of parked cars and the perfect reflection in the water.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Kiwi said...

Thanks all! I think we should do a series on signs.

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