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the colour of Salem

Low-key flower decorations outside Salem shopping center. Lovely, if you ask me. According to our botanical advisor, they're known as Brassica oleracea ("prydnadskål").

Säbytorgsvägen, Salem (map) 21 November 2009


VP said...

Not the happiest of colours, but I like the effect ot the out of foucus ones as background.

Tinsie said...

Ditto re: the colour, but it's a fab shot all the same!

arabesque said...

never mind how it's called, too hard for me to remember! ^0^
i just love lavender and its color and esp. how you took it in a macro angle. ^0^

Halcyon said...

I like the color! And the composition is really good too.

Paty said...

that´s so beautiful, i love this colors too!

stromsjo said...

Regarding the colour, I'd say I like it. It's appropriately low-key much like anything else which insists on growing and thriving outdoors late November.

Vogon Poet: It was a blurry kind of day, mayhaps...

Tinsie: Thanks! :)

arabesque: I fully agree about those Latin names. Fortunately, I have outsourced that entire complexity to our botanical advisor! ;)

Halcyon: Glad you like it. I could probably have picked a prettier flower (are they even called flowers?) but being a last-minute shot before the bus was to depart I'm pretty happy with it.

Paty: Appreciate that!

Thanks all for going botanical with us.

Unknown said...

First time I remember seeing these colourful cabbages as ornamental plants on the street was in Lhasa, Tibet and I had no idea what they were then... :-)

cieldequimper said...

Very nice portrait of an ornamental cabbage.

Lena Möre said...

Salem, once a part of Botkyrka, a richer part, and they wanted to be alone, so beautiful colours there!?!

Mo said...

Pretty cabbage

Gunn said...

I like this photo, the composition,- and also the color.

Lowell said...

They are quite beautiful. I like the colors! Sorry VP and Tinsie!

Alexander said...

Lovely Colours. A beautifully taken photo.

Alex's World! -

Halcyon said...

Hope you will pick another "flower" for next time. I never get tired of seeing them!

tapirgal said...

I love this! Beautiful colors and an attractive image.

stromsjo said...

Our Twitter followers already know this but I'd like to mention again that Salem is the 26th and final municipality of Stockholm County that we've visited this year. It took almost twelve months but we did manage to tour the entire district.

JM: From Tibet to Salem!

cieldequimper: Thanks. The sun did most of the work...

Lena Johansson: I had forgotten about that but you're right. The municipality was split in two.

Mo: Yep.

Gunn White: Fiddling with depth-of-field can be fun.

Jacob: Sort of Christmas-like in advance.

Alexander: Appreciate that.

Halcyon: Most of them are hidden under droves of snow now.

tapirgal: Glad you like it too.

Thanks everyone.

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