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some like it cold

I bet Uncle Darwin would have had something to say on this topic. Stay in good health and look after those feathers day in and day out. Then you just might make it through another winter. If not, the following night may well be your last one. "Survival of the fittest."

How many species can you spot? See more?

Lötsjön, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


VP said...

Now that I am a renowned ornithologist I'd say three, but my science is still imperfect...

Lena Möre said...

I think I can see:

(Gräsand) Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos

(Kanadagås) - Branta canadensis

Vitkindag gås? (the one with a little white above the eye) Branta leucopsis

Sothöna? (Coot) Fulica atra

It can be four or three species, two of the birds are a bit difficult to recognize.

The legs of the little black one are grey or white, I think it is a juvenile coot.

It seems so cold for them, did you feed the birds?

I am just a beginner in this interest, now two years since I started...

Yesterday I bought a wonderful teacup with 15 paintings of birds and their names in English! I have to learn nasmes in English, too.
I bought it in the English shop, Medborgarplatsens Galleria,the cup is called Birdlife by Jane Fera, Dunoon, Fine Bone China.

Somebody here who can tell me the English names of the geese in the picture?

A GOOD birds photo!

Thankyou Per for training my brain this morning! :-))

Alexander said...

haha... Interesting thought. This is a beautiful photo captured in such a spectacular sight! :)

Probably 3 species?

Alex's World! -

Tinsie said...

I think I can see four different types of bird, whether they're different species or not, and what they are, I couldn't say! It does look very cold, though. Brrr.

Halcyon said...

Poor cold birdies!!

stromsjo said...

I see ten birds. The two biggies look like Canada Geese. The one top-left remains an unidentified potentially-flying fellow to me. The remaining seven should be Mallards (Gräsand).

Vogon Poet: I'd say three as well.

Lena Johansson: I'm impressed, you give us a lot of feedback for a beginner! :) I did not feed them but this corner of the lake is sort of a winter habitat of theirs. Someone (possibly Sundbyberg Municipality ) looks after them and makes sure that the lake doesn't get entirely ice-covered. I've got another photo coming up where you can get a sense of how many birdies there were...

Alexander: Thanks! Probably three but let's remember Lena's theory.

Tinsie: It was very cold. The only thing which didn't seem to object was my camera with its battery. (Testing those components was my primary purpose on that day.)

Halcyon: I suppose a healthy bird with enough food won't mind a cold day in its natural surroundings. But it will take a lot of food to keep warm! And how does one find food when everything is covered by snow and ice?

Thanks everyone. Are there any more ornithologists in the house?

VP said...

@ Per - My ignorance did quite well! I'll start bragging around...

arabesque said...

haha, they're quite plenty! should i start counting... ^0^
they look healthy despite the cold weather though....

stromsjo said...

Hemavan enjoyed -39C last night, it's a village situated a twelve hours' drive north of Stockholm. Down here it was only about -20C.

Vogon Poet: ;) Certainly! Also, Lena is a great example. One can pick up a new interest and learn a lot in a short time.

arabesque: That's true. A healthy look early in winter. A couple of months from now many of them won't be around anymore...

Thanks folks.

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