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Sofia in haze

Sofia Church in a distant haze. Often large ferryboats lay here obstructing the view or - perhaps - creating another typical view. The photo is taken on a midday walk on Skeppsholmen.

Sofia kyrka (map) 17 November 2009


VP said...

Nice view, the haze is like a filter.

B SQUARED said...

That, is a very ugly day.

Carrie Flicka said...

Ugly is such an opinion! I think it is beautiful. The weather, the city, the amazing church. BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Very nice view. The buildings, including the Sofia, look nice from afar.

Lowell said...

Yes, Stromsjo, the colors are striking! ;-)

Kiwi said...

It was a good day with an 'interesting' light. Stockholm is beautiful city in any light.

Stefan Jansson said...

When will this miserably weather end?

Still a nice Stockholm view.

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